Vivienne is a registered Psychologist (since 1994). Vivienne has worked within educational settings at Primary & Secondary level, and in private practice. Vivienne has over 20 years experience working with children, adolescents, & parents. With a focus on concerns such as family and relationship issues, educational performance and achievement, (including administering IQ testing).

Vivienne has assisted clients with a broad range of issues such as grief and loss, anxiety and depression, trauma, stress, children & adolescents coping with transition and change, dealing with bullying and peer issues, school refusal, anger & disruptive behaviours.

Vivienne’s counselling orientation includes cognitive behavioural and emotional focused approaches. Her work is influenced by positive psychology & the desire to assist clients to achieve satisfaction and fulfilment in life. Vivienne also has an interest in mindfulness as a means of gaining insight into ourselves and as a tool for managing stress and anxiety.

Vivienne’s orientation is driven by the belief that her role in the counselling process is to assist clients to gain the life skills that will empower them to manage their challenges and relationships, as well as celebrate their achievements and blessings.

Information & tip sheets on these & other topics can be accessed via The Australian Psychological Society website (APS) –
Also available on the APS website is the Charter for Clients, the APS Recommended Fee Schedule and information about Medicare Rebates.